3 réflexions sur “Glacé

  1. These micro-moments of being trapped, withered, and caught in time, have a uniquely beautiful sadness for me. I still manage to see a reflection of blue sky or dash of leaf color hinting at an eternal presence, or of the beautiful unknown, in this images.

    We do not have this kind of extreme weather here in the Bay Area. The winter takes its toll on life, but with only the slightest change of weather. And for me, it brings feisty flocks of migrating birds to my home.

    I have gotten a lot of inspiration following your leaf friends through the cycle of seasons. And I am thinking of you as you witness the profound life transition between you and your mother.

  2. In Blackwater Woods

    Look, the trees
    are turning
    their own bodies
    into pillars

    of light,
    are giving off the rich
    fragrance of cinnamon
    and fulfillment,

    the long tapers
    of cattails
    are bursting and floating away over
    the blue shoulders

    of the ponds,
    and every pond,
    no matter what its
    name is, is

    nameless now.
    Every year
    I have ever learned

    in my lifetime
    leads back to this: the fires
    and the black river of loss
    whose other side

    is salvation,
    whose meaning
    none of us will ever know.
    To live in this world

    you must be able
    to do three things:
    to love what is mortal;
    to hold it

    against your bones knowing
    your own life depends on it;
    and, when the time comes to let it go,
    to let it go.

    — Mary Oliver

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